How to fix stop BAD_POOL_HEADER error in Windows 10 (2021)

The BAD_POOL_HEADER error can occur in Windows when there’s a problem with physical memory in the computer. Problems with a hard drive or RAM such as the inability to process tasks utilizing the hard drive or RAM can cause this error. If you are struggling with similar BSOD error, here some common ways to fix this Blue screen error on windows 10.

Start Windows 10 safe mode

If you’re unable to boot into Windows because of this error, you’ll need to boot into Windows Safe Mode and restore Windows to an earlier copy. After doing so, continue with the suggestions presented below.

Install the latest service packs

Hardware drivers that are installed by third-party programs commonly cause this issue. Many of the errors are not encountered if you have the latest Microsoft Windows Service Pack installed on the computer.

Install the latest updates for software programs

Get the latest updates for software programs running on your computer. If you’ve recently installed a new program and get this error, make sure no available updates are available for that program through the developer's website. If no updates are available, try uninstalling the program through the Add/Remove programs in Control Panel.

If no programs were recently installed, temporarily disable programs from starting up with your computer.

Check Bad hardware

Although this issue is often resolved with the above steps, it’s also possible that the error could be related to bad hardware (e.g., bad memory or bad hard drive).

Before assuming that either of these are bad, we suggest running a hard drive and RAM diagnostic test to check if either are bad.

Disable the Indexing Service

  1. Click Start, Run, and type services.msc and press Enter.
  2. Once in the Services window, scroll down to Indexing Service and double-click it.
  3. In the Index Services Properties window, change the startup type to either Disabled or Manual.

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