Google chrome is not working or slow in windows 11? Let’s fix it

If Chrome is running slow or not responding, this can be due to many reasons such as caching blocks, outdated software, too much use of resources, and more. Deleting the cache and history can lighten the browser up and fix this problem. Let’s apply the solutions listed below to fix the slow Google Chrome on Windows 11.

Restart Your PC

The very first thing that you should try doing is restarting your PC. Restarting always fixes up issues if it is happening due to any small glitch.

End High CPU Chrome Processes

When you run the Chrome browser, multiple processes are started along with it in the background. These processes consume CPU resources, thus causing Chrome to slow down. Let's open Google Chrome’s built-in Task manager and check and disable which process slows down the chrome browser.

Keep the Chrome browser open and use Shift + Esc keys to open Task Manager.

Check Memory footprint and CPU usage for multiple Chrome processes.

If you notice unnecessary high CPU usage, it may slow Google Chrome performance. Click on such a Chrome task and select End Process at the bottom.

Update Google Chrome

Google regularly releases updates to make the browsing experience better for users. If you are facing lagginess or stutters while using Chrome, it might be due to the outdated version It's always recommended to update Chrome to the latest version.

Tap on the three-dot menu and then select Help.

Under Help, tap on About Google Chrome.

Now Chrome will automatically check for updates.

If any update is available, make sure to install it. Once the update is completed, it will show Chrome is up to date with the

Clear Browsing Data

If you haven’t cleared browsing data for a really long time and facing a speed issue in Google Chrome.You should clear browsing data and it will certainly help you

first open the chrome browser on your computer,

Type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in Chrome’s address bar and hit Enter.

On the Clear browsing data page, select Advanced and then check all the boxes including Cookies and other site data, cached images, and files.

Finally, tap on Clear data. It will clear browsing data on your Chrome browser.

Remove Unused Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions are cool but adding too many of them will eventually slow down Chrome. Therefore, it is better to remove extensions that you no longer use.

Type chrome://extensions in the address bar and hit Enter. It will take you directly to the Chrome Extensions page.

You will now see all the extensions added to your Google Chrome.

Go through the list and click on Remove to remove the extensions you no longer use or very rarely use.

Disable preload pages

Google Chrome preloads pages that it thinks you might visit in the browser. Chrome uses cookies to predict your browsing behavior. You’ll need to disable the option from the Chrome Settings menu.

Open Google Chrome, click on the three-dot menu at the top and open Settings.
Go to the Privacy and security menu.

From ‘Cookies and other site data’ section, disable ‘Preload pages for faster browsing and searching’ toggle.

Close Google Chrome and open it again.

Reset Google Chrome

Click the three vertical dots on the top right corner and select Settings.

Select the Advanced option from the left, and after it expands, click on Reset and clean up.

Choose Restore settings to their original defaults.

Now you only have to click on Reset settings.

Thus, these are some effective solutions to address the slow Chrome issues in Windows 11. You should try all of these options to see which works for you.



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